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Tablero para la gestión en tiempo real del reparto.

Auto despacho

Elimina las tareas manuales crea reglas de despacho.

Tracking link

Crea experiencia de marca con el seguimiento en vivo.

Mapa de calor

Saca ventaja al observar donde están tus clientes a domicilio.

App rider

App con todo lo necesario para el buen desempeño de jornada.


Conecta con tus canales de ventas y simplifica el reparto.

De interés


Conoce nuestra solución y sus funcionalidades.


El buen delivery trae también sus ventajas.



Delivery inmediato precio

Casos de uso

Si no encuentras tu caso, aquí crearemos uno con el tuyo.

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Hybrid Delivery

Stability and Profitability in Immediate Deliveries.

localriders reparto híbrido

 ¿How Does It Work? 

Hybrid delivery combines the best of both worlds: your delivery team and outsourced services. Choose the most efficient option in real-time for each delivery, ensuring speed and costs tailored to your needs.

Repartidores comparador

If you want flexibility and control over your deliveries, hybrid delivery is your solution. Whether you have a team of couriers or prefer the convenience of outsourcing, our system adapts to maximize your efficiency.

 ¿Is It For Me? 

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Efficient Resource Management

Alternating between in-house and outsourced delivery adjusts staff use according to demand, avoiding hasty or unnecessary hiring.

Custom Tools

With a dedicated app for couriers, internal logistics are optimized, providing autonomy and control over the delivery process.

Cost Reduction

Comparing prices and delivery times in real-time allows you to select the most economical option for each order, reducing operational costs.

Data Analysis

Centralization of delivery facilitates the collection of data for performance analysis and decision-making based on precise information.


Seamless integration with various sales channels provides a coherent and unified user experience. Connect in simple steps with your orders and couriers.

Service Centralization

All delivery options are managed from a single platform, simplifying coordination and tracking of orders.

Service Continuity

The hybrid service prevents interruptions due to lack of availability, always ensuring an active delivery option.

Customer Experience Improvement

The speed and efficiency of the hybrid service increase customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and repeat business.


The hybrid model adapts to business growth, supporting increased orders without significant investment in fleet or personnel.

Operational Resilience

Diversifying delivery options strengthens operations against contingencies such as strikes, third-party unavailability, or lack of resources, maintaining uninterrupted delivery flow.


Profitability and Demand Adaptability.

Reparto híbrido

LocalRiders’ hybrid delivery is synonymous with adaptability and efficiency. We offer a solution that adjusts in real-time to your business needs, combining in-house and external couriers to maximize speed and reduce costs. Your delivery service dynamically responds to demand, maintaining quality and customer satisfaction with us.

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