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Tablero para la gestión en tiempo real del reparto.

Auto despacho

Elimina las tareas manuales crea reglas de despacho.

Tracking link

Crea experiencia de marca con el seguimiento en vivo.

Mapa de calor

Saca ventaja al observar donde están tus clientes a domicilio.

App rider

App con todo lo necesario para el buen desempeño de jornada.


Conecta con tus canales de ventas y simplifica el reparto.

De interés


Conoce nuestra solución y sus funcionalidades.


El buen delivery trae también sus ventajas.



Delivery inmediato precio

Casos de uso

Si no encuentras tu caso, aquí crearemos uno con el tuyo.

mapa local riders reparto.jpg

App Rider.

The tool your delivery agents need to receive and simplify their immediate shipments.

Rider app localriders

✅ Onboarding: Seamlessly introduce new riders to the app.

✅ Order Notifications: Receive alerts for new orders.

✅ Accept or Decline: Decide on new orders at a tap

✅ Map View: See pickup and drop-off points clearly

✅ Delivery Confirmation: Confirm every step from pickup to drop-off

✅ Manager Contact: Ability to call the manager directly

✅ Order Details: View details like merchant name, client's name, address, phone number, and order total

✅ Order History: Keep a record of past deliveries

Rider Profile: Manage personal and job-related information

Delivery manager Localriders.png

App Rider.

Speed up your deliveries with our app designed specifically for couriers. It facilitates order reception and navigation to delivery points, enhancing the experience for both the courier and the end customer.

Real-time Control

Monitor the location and status of each delivery, enabling efficient management and immediate response to any unexpected issues.

Direct Communication

Ensure clear and direct communication with your couriers, allowing for precise instructions and instant updates, thus improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

With features like live tracking and status notifications, customers enjoy a transparent and secure experience, boosting their trust and loyalty towards your brand.

Streamlined Communication

Enable real-time, two-way communication between dispatchers and riders for clear and immediate instructions. This boosts efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring reliable and prompt delivery services.

localriders delivery.png

Simplify Your Day-to-Day

Discover all our tools to make your delivery effective and profitable.



Access tools in constant innovation for last-mile delivery, ensuring your courier service is always at the forefront.


Integrate multiple platforms and services into one dashboard for simplified and centralized management of your shipments.


Adapt your delivery operations with customizable solutions that respond to the changing dynamics of your business and market.

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