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Optimize Your Restaurant with GloriaFood: Your Own Sales Site and Hybrid Delivery

Updated: May 27

In the restaurant industry, having your own sales website has become a strategic necessity. Not only does it allow better management of orders, but it also offers complete control over customer data, avoiding the high commissions of aggregator platforms.

1. Advantages of Managing Your Customers' Data

One of the greatest benefits of having a sales website is complete control over your customers' data. This control allows you to:

  • Personalize the customer experience: By knowing your customers' habits and preferences, you can offer personalized promotions and products.

  • Loyalty: Use the data to create loyalty programs and exclusive promotions encouraging repeat purchases.

  • Data analysis: Access detailed reports that help you better understand your customers' behavior and optimize your marketing strategies.

repartidor acepta pedido

Did you know managing your customers' data can increase retention and satisfaction? Having direct access to this information, you can personalize and enhance the shopping experience.

2. Economic Benefits: No Commissions

Aggregator platforms usually charge high commissions for each order. Having your own sales website, eliminates these costs, resulting in higher profit margins. Additionally, you can offer more competitive prices or invest in improving other aspects of your service.

Repartidor todas plataformas

Would you like to reduce operational costs? Having your own sales website allows you to reinvest the saved commissions in improving your business.

3. GloriaFood: The Most Profitable Sales System for Restaurants

GloriaFood ofrece un sistema integral de gestión de pedidos en línea que es altamente rentable y eficiente. Algunas de sus características más destacadas incluyen:

  • Herramientas de marketing: GloriaFood proporciona herramientas de marketing como email marketing, promociones y descuentos, y análisis detallados para optimizar tus estrategias.

  • Marketing tools: GloriaFood provides marketing tools such as email marketing, promotions and discounts, and detailed analytics to optimize your strategies.

  • Ease of use: The platform is intuitive and easy to use for both restaurant owners and customers.

  • Integrations: Integration with restaurant management systems and third-party applications simplifies daily operations.

  • Orders from Facebook: Allows customers to place orders directly from your Facebook page, expanding your sales channels.

Empresas de reparto tecnologías

Are you looking for an online sales platform that is profitable and efficient? GloriaFood could be the perfect solution for your restaurant.

4. Benefits of GloriaFood's Marketing Tools

GloriaFood not only facilitates order management but also offers a variety of marketing tools that greatly benefit restaurants:

  • Email Marketing: Keep your customers informed about special offers and events.

  • Heat Map: Identify areas with the most orders and optimize your marketing and delivery strategies.

  • Promotions and Discounts: Create and manage promotions to attract more customers.

  • Analytics and Reports: Get detailed information about your sales and customer behavior to continually improve.

Recibe todas las ordenes en un solo sitio

Maximize your business potential with GloriaFood's marketing tools, designed to increase visibility and attract more customers.

5. Integration of GloriaFood with LocalRiders

The integration of GloriaFood with LocalRiders offers a complete solution to improve and make delivery more profitable. Some advantages include:

  • Real-time comparator: Compare all delivery companies and fleets in your city to choose the best option.

  • Hybrid delivery: Manage your own delivery drivers and external ones from a single site, optimizing resources and costs.

  • Personalized live tracking: Provide your customers with real-time tracking of their orders, improving transparency and satisfaction.

  • App for delivery drivers: Facilitate the management of your drivers with a dedicated app that improves efficiency and tracking.

repartidores rider

Simplify, automate, and make your delivery profitable with the integration of GloriaFood and LocalRiders. Take advantage of hybrid delivery to efficiently manage your internal and external drivers.

6. The Importance of a Personalized Tracking Link

A personalized tracking link allows customers to follow their orders in real-time and stay connected with your social networks. This tool not only improves the customer experience but also increases engagement and loyalty. You can communicate promotions and personalized messages while the customer waits for their order.

Enhance your customers' experience with a personalized tracking link, keeping them informed and connected with your brand. Additionally, you can take this opportunity to share YouTube videos, influencer collaborations, live broadcasts from your kitchen, podcasts, and Spotify playlists that enhance the culinary experience.

Integrating your sales system with a hybrid delivery model can significantly enhance your operational efficiency and boost your profitability in the competitive restaurant sector.

Having your own sales website is a key strategy for any restaurant that wants to thrive in the current market. The integration of systems like GloriaFood and LocalRiders not only improves operational efficiency but also offers numerous competitive advantages.

Simplify, automate, and make your delivery profitable with LocalRiders and GloriaFood. Take the opportunity to improve your order management and customer experience.

¡Start today!

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