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Tablero para la gestión en tiempo real del reparto.

Auto despacho

Elimina las tareas manuales crea reglas de despacho.

Tracking link

Crea experiencia de marca con el seguimiento en vivo.

Mapa de calor

Saca ventaja al observar donde están tus clientes a domicilio.

App rider

App con todo lo necesario para el buen desempeño de jornada.


Conecta con tus canales de ventas y simplifica el reparto.

De interés


Conoce nuestra solución y sus funcionalidades.


El buen delivery trae también sus ventajas.



Delivery inmediato precio

Casos de uso

Si no encuentras tu caso, aquí crearemos uno con el tuyo.

Stable and Profitable Delivery.

A real-time hybrid delivery solution for Grocery stores with or without their delivery staff.

Grocery Delivery app

Delivery for Grocery store.

Simplify your delivery process, eliminate order mistakes, and impress your customers with flawless service. Our technology is designed to remove confusion and speed up your delivery process, ensuring each dish arrives just as it should—perfect and on time.

Delivery mercado


Resources Leverage a network of real-time couriers without the need to expand your staff.

Time Create optimized shipping rules and routes for multiple home deliveries.

Delviery Supermercado


Entire home delivery process, from receiving a new order to having it in your customer's hands. Eliminate manual tasks, errors, and wasted time.

Delivery Mercado


Experiences Unique and personalized delivery experiences for your customers.

Trust Constantly track the status of their ongoing order in real time.


App for Your Couriers

Manage your fleet and access our network of couriers in real-time from a single platform.

Hybrid Delivery

You can send orders to your own couriers or connect with external couriers at any time, making the best decision in real-time.

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Immediate support

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Various offers

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Rule-based shipping

Automate All Dispatch

Create dispatch rules to automate and simplify your couriers’ manual tasks. Streamline your shipping operations in one place.

Food Delivery Híbrido Localriders


Your clients can closely follow their order's journey through the tracking link. Engage them with content on social networks, live videos, YouTube collaborations, Spotify playlists, or a personalized banner.


This dedicated attention helps you strengthen your brand with every delivery

Reinforce Your Brand in Every Delivery!

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youtube promo reparto
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Tools for Effective Delivery


Manage all your delivery orders in one place, instantly see the status of each delivery to streamline any volume of shipments.

Dashboard Merchant Reparto
Mapa Reparto Localriders
Reparto inmediato comparador

Your Brand is on the Line with Every Delivery

The time between placing an order and its delivery is crucial, and it's in this interval that you can strengthen customer trust. At LocalRiders, we help optimize and enhance every moment of this process to ensure every second of the delivery counts.

Get in touch and we'll help you boost your home delivery service.

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